Nixon at the Movies

Posted by Vancouver Opera On 11:25 AM

Sunday’s screening of Nixon was the first in our film series at the Vancity Theatre. As a biopic, Nixon is a penetrating portrait of the life of Richard Nixon and in particular, his years in public office. However, being by director Oliver Stone, it has its share of dramatic interpretation.

In his introduction, Dr. Paul Quirk raised the questions of how does art interpret history, history view its leaders, and, ultimately, where lies the truth? Much of Stone’s investigation involves truth, lies and the perception of both.

For just over three hours the captivated audience pondered some of these ideas. In the lively Q & A that followed the screening, further topics discussed included: How will Nixon be remembered? His foreign policy and visit to ‘Red China’ or the extended war in Vietnam? His position on domestic health care reform or perceived callousness to the Kent State University riots? Did he struggle internally with leadership or is that the interpretation of art and history?

~ Jennifer Lord, Special Projects Manager
~ photos by Selina Rajani

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