Behind the Scenes: Super Keui-Ming

Posted by Vancouver Opera On 5:11 PM

One of our Nixon in China supers, Kuei-Ming Lin, is so excited to be a part of the opera that she wanted to share her behind-the-scenes experience with our readers.

So without further ado, let's welcome Keui-Ming to the blogosphere!

Wow! This was my first time entering the Vancouver Opera costume shop. I have never seen so many clothes from different eras. As I stood enchanted by the room, I was greeted by a wonderful lady, Parvin, who showed me to the change room. She got the costumes that would (cross your fingers) hopefully fit. But they didn't.

I sort of knew it would be hard to find costumes for me because I am so short. And as I feared, the pants were really baggy and so were the shirts. Soon I found myself standing like a statue while two lovely assistants, Josephine and Zoe, pinned and marked. I felt really guilty for giving them so much trouble, but they comforted me by saying "You are perfect the way you are" and "After all this, you will look wonderful!" What sweet people! They were just the most patient and kind.

Finally, after finding shoes and a hat and pinning up all the parts that they were going to alter, I was free to go. I took off the costume, hung it on the rack, and the next person came in for his fitting.

Stay tuned for more from our correspondent Keui-Ming!

~ Ling Chan, Social Media Manager

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