Bringing Home the Magic

Posted by Vancouver Opera On 11:16 AM
VO's Director of Production, Terry Harper, is an International Man of Mystery this weekend. Terry will be jet-setting to Philadelphia on Sunday to watch the set load-in of Tea, which Vancouver Opera will be producing in 2013. (we're letting the cat out of the bag on that one!)

From there, Terry, who had worked for years with magician David Copperfield on his shows before coming to VO, will fly to Richmond, Virginia. He'll then head over to the Blankenship Company where our Nixon in China set is being built. He will spend a couple of days there to confirm that construction is going smoothly, schedules are being met, answer any questions the crew might have and to "make sure I'm all jiggy with it."

The Nixon in China set will be packed into one 52 foot tractor trailer on March 1. It'll then make its way across the country and arrive in Vancouver on March 6.

Here's a sneak peek at what we're working on.

Nixon in China backdrop

One of the six 21 ft columns of "The Big 6" (Kissinger, Pat Nixon, Richard Nixon, Chairman Mao, Madame Mao, Chou En-lai)

Hand-painted dragon statue

Hand-painted wood statues

Nose of the plane

Plane engine with wooded slats

Very exciting! More pictures to come. Stay tuned!

~ Ling Chan, Social Media Manager

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