Nixon Cast Invades SATO

Posted by Vancouver Opera On 12:51 PM
Last Saturday, CBC's Bill Richardson was joined by the fine singers of the Nixon in China cast on Saturday Afternoon at the Opera's The O Word.

Baritone Robert Orth, tenor Alan Woodrow, mezzo-soprano Rebecca Haas and soprano Sally Dibblee took the stage for a light-hearted afternoon of arias and musical word games, which were inspired by the Winter Olympics. The quartet was accompanied by VO's Associate Conductor and Chorus Director Les Dala on the piano.

Here are some pictures for those who were unable to make it. I don't know...something about the Olympic games?

CBC SATO host Bill Richardson

Clockwise from top left: Singers Sally Dibblee, Robert Orth, Rebecca Haas and Alan Woodrow

Who wants to play arias and word games?

~ Ling Chan, Social Media Manager

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