Nixon In China Deserves Gold

Posted by Vancouver Opera On 12:16 PM
The Vancouver Opera Association, celebrating its 50th anniversary, deserves a gold medal for its new Canadian-premiere production of Nixon in China. The organization has proven that, given the will and the talent, and with a supportive, non-interfering board, Vancouver can produce an artistic product that matches any internationally. It doesn't matter whether you like opera or not, run -- don't walk -- to the box office and get a seat.

Not in 40 years of working in the cultural community have I seen anything as engaging, relevant and downright entertaining as this production.

Special thanks to General Director James Wright for putting together a truly excellent team at the VOA and to the board of directors for taking the calculated risk of properly financing and backing the enterprise. You have won my gold medal to balance the tin can I am awarding the B.C. government for its attack on the cultural budget. Go, arts, go.

David Y.H. Lui

Source: Vancouver Sun

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