Paint The Town Red

Posted by Vancouver Opera On 12:15 PM
Vancouver Opera's wardrobe department has got Pat Nixon's look down to a "T".

Referencing actual photos of the Nixons' visit to China in 1972, Parvin Mirhardy, Head of Costumes, and her staff re-created the exact wardrobe for Pat Nixon.

So why did Pat Nixon wear red for the most important and most photographed events?

For Chinese people, red is the colour of good luck. This bold colour is also associated with courage, loyalty, honor, success, fortune and happiness.

According to historian Carl Sferrazza Anthony, the visit to China was significant for Pat Nixon. It was her "moment" - the point at which she became an acclaimed First Lady for the United States.

When the world is watching, what better way to show off your power, potential and esteem than through the colour of your wardrobe?

~ Ling Chan, Social Media Manager

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